Frequently Asked Questions

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Long distance collect calls are expensive. Telepigeon eliminates the hassle of long-distance fees by providing users with a local number, which allows them to talk longer for less.
Number availability depends on several factors, from the popularity of the desired facility, to numbers available, to pre-existing users on the waiting list. While our goal is to get you your number as soon as possible, in some cases, there may be a significant wait.
We know inmate prison transfers are common, so we offer our customers a free no-hassle option to change their local number. Contact us when your inmate changes location, and we'll get you a new local number immediately.
If you are on the Starter calling plan and run out of minutes, you can upgrade to the Unlimited calling plan at any time by logging into your account any clicking the "Change Plan" button in the center of the page.
If a family or loved one changes numbers, please contact us with the new number and we can change it in our system, at no cost.
Yes! You can receive Telepigeon calls on your mobile device or any active phone line.
Unfortunately, there is no way around the prisoner dialing out through the jail or prison's service provider. Telepigeon facilitates these calls by making every call a local call.
For both our plans, we go month-to-month and you may quit at any time.

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